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Welcome to Prestige Cabinets, Halifax’s epitome of quality and durability in cabinet refinishing. Nestled in the heart of Nova Scotia, we redefine elegance with our unmatched 8-Year No-Peel Warranty, a promise of quality, extendable to 15 glorious years.  Cabinets 8-Year No-Peel Warranty

Prestige Cabinets 8-Year No-Peel Warranty

We are not just craftsmen; we are artisans dedicated to perfection. Our 8-Year No-Peel Warranty is a pledge of our commitment, a reflection of the confidence we instill in every stroke of our brush. Every cabinet we touch transforms into a masterpiece, echoing the symphony of quality and durability.


Extend Your Assurance to 15 Years

For those who seek an extended embrace of quality, we offer an optional 7-year extension. A small additional charge unveils a realm where your cabinets are not just furniture but a legacy, enduring time, and echoing elegance for a total of 15 years.

A Transparent Promise

Our warranty is a narrative of transparency and integrity. While we vouch for the no-peel endurance of our premium kitchen cabinet paint, we acknowledge the natural dance of wood, its expansion, and its contraction, leading to the emergence of cracks and structural alterations. This dance, though natural, is beyond the coverage of our warranty.


Your Partner in Maintenance

Scratches and chips, though rare, are companions of every masterpiece. At Prestige Cabinets, we stand by you in times of need, offering touch-up bottles to breathe life back into your cabinets. For more intricate restorations, our refinishing service, available at an additional charge, awaits your beckoning.

The Prestige Assurance

In the serene landscapes of Halifax, Nova Scotia, your kitchen cabinets are not just a utility but a statement of style and endurance. Our coatings, tested and proven, promise a lifespan that rivals, if not surpasses, the coatings on brand-new kitchen cabinets.

Dive into the Prestige Experience

Every cabinet, every kitchen, tells a story. At Prestige Cabinets, we are not just refinishing cabinets; we are weaving tales of elegance, durability, and unmatched quality. With our 8-Year No-Peel Warranty, extendable to 15 years, step into a world where every cabinet is a narrative of prestige.

Contact us today and let us transform your kitchen into a sanctuary of elegance and durability.

Choose your pricing plan

  • Silver Prestige Warranty

    8 years of quality, durability, and elegance. Prestige Cabinets, a legacy of excellence.
    Valid for 96 months
    • 8-Year No-Peel Warranty
    • Traditional Lacquer
  • Golden Plan

    Upgrade to 15 years of unmatched cabinet protection. Golden Warranty, the pinnacle of care
    Valid for 84 months
    • Superior Urethane Industrial Coating
    • Pealing Protection
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