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Why Replace Your Kitchen Cabinets? 
Refinish and Save.

Use the Instant Estimator below to check your savings.


CABINET center 1.jpg

Width 10" - 14"

Height 14" - 18"

CABINET center 2.jpg

Width 15" - 20"

Height 26" - 32"

CABINET center 3.jpg

Width 12" - 16"

Height 44" - 55"

CABINET center 4.jpg

Width 14" - 24"

Height 14" - 30"



A glass door is counted as two regular doors.

(to account for spraying interior of cabinet)


A Lazy Susan door is counted as two regular doors.

If you have additional space such as open cabinets, fridge panels or gable ends, please count one regular door for each space.

The installation fee for removing doors, hinges, hardware, and reinstalling is $350.  You have the option to do the work yourself. 


If you do not receive your emailed estimate,  please check your 'junk mail' folder.

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